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May. 2nd, 2009 @ 02:15 pm Should I bother reapplying?
Should I reapply to Cornell as a transfer student? To apply as a junior for the College of Arts and Sciences, you had to complete all the requirements for your major. I think what impacted my rejection was that I didn't take two courses for my major. Thus, I plan on taking them in the fall and then reapplying for spring. Also, my essays might have been weak.

Cornell requires one instructor evaluation/letter of recommendation. I feel like my LOR and instructor evaluations were pretty strong when I applied for fall semester. The three I sent in were written by profs. from my major, and I want to reuse them, but I'm scared that I would get rejected again by doing that. The admissions lady said that they could just use the ones I sent in before but suggested that doing stuff differently than before would be better. I then told her that I plan on using two of them from before and adding another evaluation/LOR from another professor, and she said that would be better. I didn't tell her that the other prof. would be in a totally different field, though; I'm a math major, and an English prof would be writting my other one. She answered the phone, but she's not the one who reviews applications, though, I think.

1. I have copies of my old recs. and evaluations since my profs gave them to me. They're the exact same as the ones Cornell got from fall (dated the same, too). Do you think I should sent those in myself or have Cornell look through my old file for them?

2. What do you think about sending in a LOR from an English professor if you're a math major?

3. Do you think I should just give up on reapplying to Cornell? Summary of my stats: 2.9 HS GPA, 4.0 college GPA for 2 years, officer positions in service clubs and honor society program, volunteer with elders, some Student of the Month awards from HS
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Date:May 3rd, 2009 05:20 am (UTC)
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To be blunt, applying to Arts & Science is a waste of time. It's impossible. The rate is abysmally low. Apply to a different college if you're reapplying to Cornell.