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Oct. 24th, 2009 @ 11:03 pm Transcripts in Collections Limbo
Old professor recommendations and a thesis advisor are linedup for a Fall '10 Anthropology program. My problem is defaulted loans and the University is asking for a copy of the transcript BEFORE I can get it out of default. I've sent paperwork to repay the loans through a payment plan but I am lost on how to release the hold from my old college to obtain an official transcript.

I've read about negotiating for an early release with the lender if I were paying a lump sum. But all my loans for each semester are lumped together. There isn't much leverage to negotiate on one loan if the collection agency is seeking to write off all eight loans.

Bit of quandary. Any suggestions, words of advice?
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Marie Antoinette
Sep. 25th, 2009 @ 02:43 pm Letters of Recommendations (Transfer). Please help!!
Last year, I had applied to transfer to some colleges and was unfortunately rejected. I'll be reapplying to some of the same schools and even if I don't get in  just to try again, but I'm worried about my letters of recommendations:

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I thank you very much for your time and for your help in advance.
I'm trying again for Brown and Cornell, and even if I don't get in again, I'll still be happy at wherever I end up at. =)
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Sep. 7th, 2009 @ 09:01 pm (no subject)
i'm going to transfer out of my school to another four-year college. i'm applying to rhode island college, university of rhode island, stonehill college, and university of connecticut.

a big part of my decision is going to be where i can get the most financial aid. my EFC on the FAFSA has been 0 for the past two fiscal years so as you can tell ... i really need financial aid in order to go to school. if anyone has any experience with these schools and their financial departments (especially out-of-state for RIC, URI, and UConn; i live in massachusetts), i'd really love to hear about them.

thanks :)
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Aug. 10th, 2009 @ 10:52 pm How To Act When You Know You Will Ask For A Recommendation
How do you act natural when you know that you will need to ask someone for a recommendation? Or, what's the best way to act when you plan on getting one?

I plan on asking my club advisor, who will also be my professor in the fall, for a recommendation. This recommendation will be very important because it will heavily determine whether I will transfer into my dream college or not; I applied to some colleges last year and got rejected, and my application will be similar to last year's except for recommendations. 

Because she is my club advisor, I'm in a lot of meetings with her and do a lot of projects with her and the officer team. I hate how I am around her, though. I hate that I don't act natural because I know that I will ask her for a recommendation in December. I hate how she could probably tell that I act kind of subconsiously slightly suck-up-y or nice-y or uptightly amicable around her. I feel like I could act way better and more fun if I really weren't going to ask her for a rec.

I don't know. Do you get it? I wish I didn't need recommendations to transfer colleges. I bet I'd get way better recommendations if I didn't know that I need any. I always feel like I need to prove myself for recommendations, and I hate it.

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Jul. 22nd, 2009 @ 07:04 pm MindReader and learning

The specialists of the International center for education "Areopagit" (www.areopagit.com) develop the "convincing" to learn program. This program is designed on the base of the research of Dr. Igor Smirnov “Semantic Stimuli Response Measurements Technology”, or SSRM Tek, a software-based mind reader that supposedly tests a subject's involuntary response to subliminal messages.

The program inspires to recipient an idea about need to learn, think and develop their own abilities. If to unite this program with a network self spreading module (like a virus) then during several months it would install on hundreds of thousands of personal computers around the world. Besides, program can define the language of the user and use suitable - an English, French, Chinese, Spanish, German, Russian or Arabiс.

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Jun. 1st, 2009 @ 11:55 pm (no subject)
Are there any colleges that won't grant transfer students eligibility for admission if they have over a certain number of credits from a 2-year college?

I was screwed with the opposite last year (I had 88 transferable (quarter) credits, and this college required at least 90), and I want to make sure this won't happen again.

Is it different for those attending 2-year colleges, though? Would it be different if you have too many credits from a 2-year than from a 4-year?

Thank you.
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May. 27th, 2009 @ 07:49 pm (no subject)
How do you learn to deal with setbacks better? I feel so incompetent at it, and I feel like I dwell on setbacks too much.

I got rejected to some colleges as a transfer student. I called to ask why, and most of them said that they wanted me to fulfill some course requirements. But I feel like I'm making an excuse when I say this. One school just told me it was competitive this year, so I probably wouldn't have gotten in if I tried again. Anyway, I'll be staying an extra year at my 2-year college to take those courses and reapply to some of them since they're only open in the fall. And honestly, I feel like a loser amongst my friends since they will be transferring to really good colleges, and I can't help but think that people are looking down on me. I'm not a horrible student; I have a 4.0 throughout my 2 years there, and I have my AA transfer degree. It's just that everyone I know who started the same year as me is transferring, regardless of their academic history. I did get into some colleges, but I only applied b/c they gave me a fee waiver. I wish I would have applied to more colleges, though.

This aside, how do you learn how to deal when you put all of your energy, time, and heart into something but don't end up achieving it? I feel like this is affecting my health, too; my head and heart hurts from thinking about it so much.

Thank you for reading. I feel annoying talking about it in real life, so I appreciate it.

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May. 12th, 2009 @ 09:38 pm I have 2 weeks to pick 2 more colleges. Could you help me out?
I'm a transfer applicant, and my professor told me that he would write 3 really glowing recommendations for me. He has to know which colleges in 2 weeks because he will be leaving my college after this quarter. I have chosen one college: Carnegie Mellon (I know it's a huge reach, but I will work so hard at getting in.)
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May. 10th, 2009 @ 02:41 pm ACT or SAT?
What is the difference between the ACT and the SAT? I'm a transfer student, and I might take either one of those tests because some colleges require one. Which should I take?

I was reluctant to take a standardized test because I thought I wouldn't do well, but I went on a web site with sample question of the ACT and have been getting all the English and math questions right. What's the best way to study for it?

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May. 9th, 2009 @ 05:58 pm Carnegie Mellon--reach?

Do you know the transfer rate for Carnegie Mellon (Mellon College of Sciences)? I'm a math major.

I asked my professor for a rec., and he said that he has said no to students before but he won't say no to me. He said that he would give me a really glowing recommendations to three colleges of my choice. I'm confident that he will because we talked for like an hour.

Am I aiming too high again? On their web site, they said that they care more about college transcripts than HS transcripts. I have a 4.0 GPA at a 2-year college (2.9 GPA in HS), and I will have my associates by the end of this school year. I'm planning on staying another year to take physics, biology, and some lit. classes because some colleges aren't open in the spring to transfer. Plus, I want to rigor up my transcript.

Oh, and I understand that grad school is more important regarding getting my Ph. D, but I just want to try this out. I'm going to be happy at any of the colleges I end up at, but I just want to know my chances at this school.
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May. 3rd, 2009 @ 07:31 am (no subject)
I posted this in collegehelp a few days ago, but I still feel iffy.

I go to USF (University of South FL) St. Petersburg, because I applied too late to the Tampa campus and got waitlisted. I didn't really get college yet, so I didn't realize that a degree from the branch campus might not hold the same weight as one from the main branch. So should I change my campus when I can? And will this still affect getting into grad school (like my transcript saying which courses were at St. Pete, and which in Tampa)?

USF St Petersburg was potentially losing its accreditation, even, so I'm scared that now the year of courses I've taken there won't mean anything. The courses and everything are titled/numbered the same as in Tampa so maybe my transcripts won't have a distinction? Because I'd really love to still have some courses in St. Pete.

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May. 2nd, 2009 @ 07:23 pm Which option seems best?
Could you please help me decide between these 2 options? I currently attend a 2-year college, and I didn't get into some of the colleges I applied to and wasn't considered eligible for some other colleges. Here are my options:

1. Stay at my 2-year college for one more quarter. Apply to the University of Washington and have around 105 credits (which is all of my credits) transfer over, and apply to Georgia Tech, University of Michigan, and maybe UC San Diego.

2. Stay for fall, winter, and spring quarter. Apply to the following schools with the following reasons for the year-long stay:
- UCLA: They didn't take some of my credits before, so they didn't even look at my application for fall 2010. The admissions lady said that i could have gotten in had I had 90 UC-transferable credits. Only open for fall.
-UC Berkeley: My core English classes didn't meet UCB's, and an admissions lady said that she could help me with that if I apply for fall 2010. Only open for fall.
-McGill: Only college so far that requires physics for my math major, and I could start and finish the series next year. It's in an exciting city, it's in a different country, it's cheaper, and it will give me a culture shock away from home.
-University of North Carolina: Only open for fall.
-Find more to apply to.
-I'll still apply to UW, Georgia Tech, UMich, and UC San Diego, though.

I will decide between either #1 and #2 because I will only start the physics series if I pick #2. Depending on where I end up, I graduate a year later if I choose #2.
Thanks for your help.
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May. 2nd, 2009 @ 02:15 pm Should I bother reapplying?
Should I reapply to Cornell as a transfer student? To apply as a junior for the College of Arts and Sciences, you had to complete all the requirements for your major. I think what impacted my rejection was that I didn't take two courses for my major. Thus, I plan on taking them in the fall and then reapplying for spring. Also, my essays might have been weak.

Cornell requires one instructor evaluation/letter of recommendation. I feel like my LOR and instructor evaluations were pretty strong when I applied for fall semester. The three I sent in were written by profs. from my major, and I want to reuse them, but I'm scared that I would get rejected again by doing that. The admissions lady said that they could just use the ones I sent in before but suggested that doing stuff differently than before would be better. I then told her that I plan on using two of them from before and adding another evaluation/LOR from another professor, and she said that would be better. I didn't tell her that the other prof. would be in a totally different field, though; I'm a math major, and an English prof would be writting my other one. She answered the phone, but she's not the one who reviews applications, though, I think.

1. I have copies of my old recs. and evaluations since my profs gave them to me. They're the exact same as the ones Cornell got from fall (dated the same, too). Do you think I should sent those in myself or have Cornell look through my old file for them?

2. What do you think about sending in a LOR from an English professor if you're a math major?

3. Do you think I should just give up on reapplying to Cornell? Summary of my stats: 2.9 HS GPA, 4.0 college GPA for 2 years, officer positions in service clubs and honor society program, volunteer with elders, some Student of the Month awards from HS
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Apr. 30th, 2009 @ 09:59 pm Creativity in science

Does anybody know any course in creativity in science?  I'm interested in this theme.

Many thanks!

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Apr. 28th, 2009 @ 01:50 pm Could you please help me decide what to do next? My enrollment fee is due this Friday.

Could you please help me decide where to go from here? I got rejected to Brown, Cornell, and Wash U as a transfer student. Here are my next options:


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Which do you think would be the best option? Oh, and I'm a math major planning on going to graduate school. Thanks so much. 

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